Galaxy Edition

Mac OS X

Remastered Wallpapers

Classic desktop pictures modernized in 6K resolution and P3 Color Gamut

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How to help

This project was a product of love and nostalgia for this period of Apple's software (10.5 was my first OS X version).

If you find yourself enjoying these wallpapers consider a small donation, or share a picture of your workspace with me on Twitter!

I'm not looking to profit from this, just trying to cover the costs (I HAD to buy a Myriad Pro license, I couldn't have the words "Mac OS X" rendered in any other way).

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Who are you again?

Hi, I'm Rafa — I'm a designer and developer who makes some apps and projects like these on the side.
It's really nice to meet you.

How did you do this?

Good question! Nothing fancy, I tracked down original versions of the wallpapers, upscaled them using Machine Learning, applied a P3 color space, Machine Learning to de-noise, and then manually tweaked them to more closely match how I remembered them. It's not perfect, but this was the best I could do.

Anyone you'd like to thank?

Another great question! Thanks for asking — I want to give special thanks to Stephen Hackett for his work collecting these original default wallpapers, and Macrumors Forum user "Gamer9430" for doing an incredible job at collecting *every* wallpaper that ever shipped with "Mac OS X".

Anything else you'd like to promote?

Sure, here's some of my latest apps:

Hand Mirror Booby Track Thwip