Galaxy Edition

Mac OS X

Remastered Wallpapers

Classic desktop pictures modernized in 6K resolution and P3 Color Gamut

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How to help

This project was a product of love and nostalgia for this period of Apple's software (10.5 was my first OS X version).

If you find yourself enjoying these wallpapers consider a small donation, or share a picture of your workspace with me on Twitter!

I'm not looking to profit from this, just trying to cover the costs (I HAD to buy a Myriad Pro license, I couldn't have the words "Mac OS X" rendered in any other way).

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Who are you again?

Hi, I'm Rafa — I'm a designer and developer who makes some apps and projects like these on the side.
It's really nice to meet you.

How did you do this?

Good question! Nothing fancy, I tracked down original versions of the wallpapers, upscaled them using Machine Learning, applied a P3 color space, Machine Learning to de-noise, and then manually tweaked them to more closely match how I remembered them. It's not perfect, but this was the best I could do.

Anyone you'd like to thank?

Another great question! Thanks for asking — I want to give special thanks to Stephen Hackett for his work collecting these original default wallpapers, Simos Kondylakis for making an even better version of Snow Leopard and Lion, and Macrumors Forum user "Gamer9430" for doing an incredible job at collecting *every* wallpaper that ever shipped with "Mac OS X".

Anything else you'd like to promote?

Sure, here's some of my latest apps:

Hand Mirror Booby Track Thwip